Exporting, We Hope

I found this article to bring a little possibility of more hope for the economy. We hope that we can do more exporting. I found this article in the Economist. In it we learn that if we are going to increase new exports, it will be coming from new firms. There are some companies that do quite a bit of exporting, like Intel, but we will need a whole lot more if we are going to export enough to really make a difference. It will be harder to have new emerging companies to do more exporting because they need more capital which is harder to come by. We also have this new health care bill that will make it harder for new companies to the point where they are effective. Time will tell.

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Dr. Tufte said...

This is dumb.

Matthew, don't be offended. We are bombarded with nonsense like this. It's hard not to buy into it.

Here's the problem. Exports are not what we want. Exports are work. Work is not what we're all about. We want goods, and services, and leisure time with our friends and family. Exports are not an end in and of themselves. Exports are a means to an end.

If an opinion like this doesn't start with we need more ______ and to get that we're going to export, then it's crap.