Unemployment Rate Graph

I found a simple graph of the whole countries unemployment over the last 20 years. The graph allows you to add on and compare any state, or county in a state, to the countries unemployment rate as a whole. I thought it was a good visual for comparison because it shows the big picture with just enough detail for comparison. Look up and compare your home town/county and see if you really do have in tough in comparison or not. Check out the counties in Michigan!


Matthew said...

I found this article talking aobut unemployment and why we are not recovering as quickly in jobs as we would like. http://www.economist.com/world/united-states/displaystory.cfm?story_id=15664078
I beleive you made reference to this in class, but it talks about the fact that we should be looking at GDI. Informs us that GDI tells us that we may be in for more trouble than what we anticipate using GDP.

Victoria said...

I found this graph and I thought it was really interesting that it provided facts about how we can compare how states are doing compared to other states in the United States. California and Florida are still above the average of unemployment rate while states like Utah are under this rate. I think Louisiana is a very interesting one, in spite of the catrina hurricane, nowadays Lousiana is in better shape(talking about unemployment) than Florida or California.


Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Willy for a non-working link. -1 on Matthew for poor proofreading.

Matthew: I don't remember saying much about GDI. As to the article, I'm not convinced that the author isn't just filling space.

Victoria: I like that cite, it's fun to play with the graphs. I do wish it went back further though.