An Austrian View on Health Care

This article was written regarding, the recent complaints about Congress’s failure to pass a health care bill. The article makes several good points.

1) This article notes that the state of US politics is not in an unusual position considering that we have changed into a large democratic regulatory-welfare state.

2) Secondly, the US is functioning as a large democratic regulatory-welfare state ought to.

3) Thirdly, because this article came from an Austrian School website, it also discusses the inherent inefficiencies of a command economy as would be the case with the bureaucratically run health care system as planed by the left.

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Dr. Tufte said...

Without getting into Austrianism, I found the linked article to be pretty reasonable.

I've also found all the discussion about the system not working to be disturbing. It's working just fine - people are supposed to disagree about important things that they don't completely understand.

The last time I checked, the way you tell if a federal republic is working is if "the bums" get thrown out once in a while. Seems to me we did that with Congress in 2006, and with the executive branch in 2008.

I don't remember anything about "working" having to do with the majority party getting what it wanted every time.

Oh yes ... wait ... I have heard that ... it's the way a parliamentary system works, but we don't have one of those. Pity that the people who complain about our system not working seem to be overly familiar with a system we don't have.