T-Mobile Introduces New Plans and Phones

There are many new technologies in the cell phone industry. Within the last couple of years, cell phone devices have switched from basic use to full on transportable mini computers. The major cell phone companies struggle to keep up with demand and their products are constantly changing to meet that demand. Just as computers are outdated in almost 6 months, cell phones can become outdated even quicker than that.

Smart-phones are now part of the biggest market trend in the cell phone industry. These phones allow users to check email, update their Facebook status, check out stock prices and even plug into laptop computers to receive internet wherever there is cell phone reception. Although T-Mobile products have struggled to win a portion of the market share because of difficulty in creating a high quality smart phone, it recently came out with the myTouch 3G.

Although this new product is expected to shine in the already crowded market, its greatest competitors are Apple’s iPhone and the many high tech smart-phones made by Blackberry. The myTouch 3G was introduced into the industry in June of 2009 and is a predecessor to the G1 smart phone. T-Mobile’s marketing strategy evolves around this new product for the remainder of the year. The myTouch 3G is targeted toward a much broader audience in anticipation of a much wider use in smart-phones.

I recently switched my cell coverage from Verizon to T-Mobile. In pricing the differences between wireless companies I found that it was almost impossible to escape the temptation of purchasing a smart phone cell plan. T-Mobile now offers a cell phone plan that does not require a contract and is $10-$20 less than any equal plan with a contract that the company offers. This just does not make sense economically! I also discovered that just for the convenience of a smart-phone and an internet data cell phone plan, a customer would be paying a minimum of $40 a month just to receive emails on their phone!


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