Senior Center vs Green Space

After reading the article which talks about the opportunity cost of building a new senior center on Greene's Field a place where young children or families can play sports and picnic. The argument is that they should not build on this prime piece of property because future generations need to enjoy this green space. They feel that there are many other places to build this senior center which is much needed in this community as well. From an economist's view point I feel that financially this decision is obvious to build on this piece of ground because it would be making money versus just remaining open space requiring upkeep of the grass and landscaping. The community would benefit from the income produced by the senior center and also having a place for community functions. On the other hand there is sentimental value on Greene's Field because many generations have grown up playing sports on this grassy area. Between the two arguments I feel that the opportunity cost is greater to leave the field as is because ultimately the community will benefit from a new senior center and there are always recreational parks and areas for families to get together and play sports.


skylar said...

Take a vote! Allow a democracy to work and see who has the majority.

Kaylee said...

The way to solve this dilemma is to determine what the city goals are. If they are in need of funds, a senior center would produce more revenue. If the goal is to provide entertainment, the park is the better solution. I think it would be difficult to make a valid argument over sentimental memories of the senior citizens.

Audrey said...

Although I see Kaylee’s point, I don’t think this will solve the dilemma. The city probably has financial goals, environmental goals, socio-economic goals, public relations goals and many others that likely contradict or overlap. The politics of these decisions is also affecting the economic logic. The battle between utility and preservation seems eternal. These opposing perspectives are creeping into every aspect of our lives, and I don’t see solutions or compromise in the near future. (Sorry to be so pessimistic!)