Disney Dream Wedding

Disney's new idea is to create designer wedding gowns designed after princesses like Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Disney already hosts over 2,000 weddings a year at Disney Land and Disney World. Creating a princess fantasy wedding, complete with a princess wedding dress, a pumpkin carriage, and Cinderella's castle could bring in a lot of revenue. I think the demand would be huge. Some may be surprised that brides-to-be would still like cartoon characters, but I think the result would be that most girls would love to have their childhood dream of marrying their prince in a castle in a beautiful gown come true. I think this is an excellent marketing idea that could bring in a lot of demand and profit for Disney. What do you think? Will this turn out to be a cliché marketing idea with no potential for growth past the wedding gown?


Dr. Tufte said...

I actually saw a bit of this in Anaheim over Christmas, so I can confirm that it works.

I think this is a good idea for Disney because they can control access to the park, and to a certain extent, to the dress designs. It seems to me this gives them some monopoly power right off the bat. Funny how Disney is so good at creating or recognizing those opportunities.

Grace said...
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Grace said...

Interesting idea! No, I do not think this will turn out to be a cliche marketing idea. The novelty of the idea should be sustainable for a long time because of cost and accessibility of a "Disney Wedding." With only two locations ("land" & "world") plus the cost associated with the whole production, this is not something that droves of people will be able to take advantage of. With a limited market of consumers, the novelty of the idea will be preserved long-term.

Gavin said...

Extra Credit - Dr. Tufte
There are not really any substitutes for this kind of wedding. This would likely be a draw for high income families which would make it a feasible offering for Disney.

William said...

Dr. Tufte,
I agree with you and think this is a fantastic idea. Disney has been implanted into girls minds since they were born. Many have pictures with the princesses and have a favorite princess that they look up to.
I previously watched a show that showed what extremes brides will pay to have the perfect fairtale weddings. And it was interesting to see the amount of money that women would pay to have their dream come true.
By Disney expanding their line to make dresses I think this will increase revenue and I do beleive their is a strong demand for this. In fact I personally beleive that Disney should have a more expensive line. In the show that I watched many women saw no problem dropping 10+ grand on just their dress.
Disney is in effect creating something that is completley inelastic. No one else can create it or if they do it will not hold to the same value as made by Disney. I think this a genius idea and see high profits with this.

Reagan said...

Extra Credit-Dr. Tufte

There is no question that Disney would have a monopoly power on Princess Weddings. I can't think of another company that would think about trying to enter the market because the costs of entering this and trying to compete is beyond comprehension. They would have to spend decades creating an image, building theme parks, convincing consumers that their princesses are better than Disney's princesses. I can just imagine a penny pinching father like myself trying to tell my daughter to pick a princess dress-up other than one of the Disney princesses. It just wouldn't happen.

carter said...

Dr. Tufte said that this works. I agree so many girls dream of being princesses and this is a way that it could happen.

TheFindlay said...

Dr. Tufte
You sure get around, Disneyland over Christmas and Rusty’s last weekend; what’s next, the moon!? Disney is good at seizing such opportunities because they developed the Riddler’s technology and watch every move we make. I think it might be a good idea for your second or third, or maybe even fourth marriage but you want to make your first marriage special. For this reason, Lagoon also offers wedding packages. However, when it comes to making your wedding day a memorable one nothing beats the county fair, they have a tilt-o-whirl! I say props to Disney. If people really want to spend the cold hard cash and get married in a wonderland of running noses and peed pants we should let them.

Dr. Tufte said...

Not much to add ... but thefindlay made me laugh.