Uncle Sam needs to work on the national deficit

While the effects of individual debt can be quite overwhelming, consider a nation buckled down by trillions of dollars in debt, and the potential for disaster. What I find amazing is our country's level of debt, and seemingly unstoppable trend driving it up. Alan Greenspan also recognizes the potential hazards of such a deficit in a Yahoo article, and voices his concerns over the the future for our country in terms of its retired citizens, and overall methods of trading, etc. While I am thankful to live in a country with as many wonderful freedoms and opportunities as the United States, I believe that they need to reevaluate their financial status. I wonder at what point will the government find it noble to trim spending, and drive down the deficit? It seems like there is no limit to their spending, and the deficit will just keep eternally growing, which is upsetting to me. The economy can remain viable and thriving even when we pay off our national deficit, and is it my hope that this type of mentality might trickle down from the white house, to the local city leaders who insist on spending more and more money that we don't have to spend.

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Anonymous said...

Allan Greenspan is a liar and a coward of magnanimous proportions. Back in the early 80's Al the scum sucking idiot was put in charge of Ronnie "Iran contra" Reagan's social security
reform. So what does scum sucking Al do? He raises my social security tax's thru the roof.
Not only did he raise social security tax's enough to put social security in the black but run a surplus too. This was done because scum sucking Al said we need to have the surplus when the boomers "retire". Well we have been paying a surplus for over 25 years because scum sucking no honor Al said we should. You know what's so comical about idiot dumb ass Al?
The punch line is this:

Al the scum sucking liar with not a hair of honor said all the "extra" payments would go to pay off the national debt. So when the time comes our national; debt would not be a problem when the boomers retire. HA HA Ha! Ole Al sure knows how to tell a joke doesn't he.
If you really want to see how ole Al has put the screws to every working American. Just google up the social security reforms of the early 80's and Reagan's "iron clad" commitment to social security.
You will lean to things. 1. The greatest worry was how the national debt would effect social security. 2. IF THE SURPLUS WAS NOT USED TO PAY Down THE DEBT IT WOULD BE THE BIGGEST BOONDOGGLE AGANIST THE WORKING CLASS AMERICANS EVER.

Now ask yourself this question? How can scum sucking Al slept at night. He talked up the deficit spending of Bush while explicitly going against the policy he promised in the 80's!

In the early 80's Al the sub human form of proto plasma said we would not have to cut social security because of his reforms. Now scum sucking al is calling for reduction in both social security and the debt we should never had.