Job Market in the U.S. is Picking Up

Despite all of the recent natural disasters that have struck this great land, Americans are once again proving how resilient they are by heading back to work. In fact this job article emphasized that since November, hundred of thousands of jobs have emerged! I think that this is wonderful! I believe this shows how strong our citizens are, and proves that our economy is efficient enough to bounce back from tragic situations, and though hard, people are attempting to rebuild their lives, and spirits. When I read things like this, I gain more and more confidence in the U.S.' ability to overcome catastrophies, and I am thankful to live in such an incredible nation!


Tom said...

The United States is a wonderful place to live. I agree totally with what has been said. There are issues though that I sometimes wonder about. For one, is the greatness we have going to last? I think it will, but for how long? I took a class once and the professor said that the United States is about to loose its leading edge to the Japanese. The professor continued to talk about the Japanese's growth rate and how it's bigger than the United States. I personally think that Japan is just playin catch up. Am I wrong?

Dr. Tufte said...

It's a pretty safe bet that nothing lasts forever.

On the other hand, I can't see anybody reasonably making those sort of claims about Japan. Their growth rates have not matched ours for 17 years now, they've never been larger than us, and they wouldn't be able to get larger without a much higher rate of birth.