New Cars With New Presidentcy

What will happen to the auto industry after the elections? Cars and gasoline are becoming an extremely popular topic lately. With oil prices up and cars sucking the gas, the two candidates for president are giving their thoughts on the topic. Also, the CO2 from the cars have been getting many scientists worried about global warming because one-third of CO2 is distributed from the vehicles we drive.
President Bush wants to increase the tax credit from purchasing a hybrid, $1,500 up to $4,000. He and Congress have also approved $300 million for the research of hydrogen fell cell cars. With the prices increasing for oil, we need to do something with the cars that we drive. Kerry also wants to raise the mile per gallon on economy cars from 24 to 36 within the next 10 years. The problem is the auto industry and the workers don't like it. So, Kerry will probably raise the tax credit up to $5,000 for the purchase of hybrid cars.
I believe that something has to be done about the rising prices we are seeing from oil. I don't believe the government should get involved with the gas prices or hybrid cars. If the market wants hybrid cars then the people will get the cars.

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