Life looks down on the elderly

For those individuals on low or fixed monthly incomes life keeps looking worse, especially for the elderly. On top of the shortage of flu vaccinations, those who depend on fuel assistance will have some cold homes this winter. The rising prices of crude oil have a lot to do with this. With such high prices and so many hurricanes during the fall, refiners have been cut off from stockpiling crude oil. If we have the cold winter that is predicted the demand for natural gas will surely rise which worries a lot of people. Energy trader Phil Flynn says, "We’re drilling more (natural gas) and producing less, our rig counts are up but our supplies are declining." A prolonged winter could prove fatal.

What are the cold elderly to do? Sit in there cold homes and freeze, I don't think so. Maybe we just hope for an abnormally warm winter, or is there something the government can do to help pay for the rising prices of oil and heat?

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