Tablets are the new DVD

The demand and supply curve for tablets are moving to the right. They are seen as substitutes for personal computers for many people. In the article “Intel's outlook fails to inspire hopes for PC recovery,” the global decline in income, especially in Europe and China, has shown that PC’s have a big competitor in their marketplace.  The tablets are smaller than and almost as powerful as a personal computer.  You can watch your favorite TV shows, listen to the newest songs, or show photos from your recent trip. They also cost less and are much more portable and less cumbersome than a laptop computer.  In the fast pace of technological advancements, the time between leaps in technology is growing shorter and shorter. Perhaps one day soon the personal computer may go by the wayside, just like VCR tapes did ten years ago.  Some of you may not have even seen a VCR tape unless it was at the local DI store.  How soon will it be until the tower computer is only seen at thrift stores? 



Zach said...

I'm going to play the devil's advocate and disagree with the idea that tablets are substitutes for personal computers. Most people who own tablets also own personal computers. They may even, in certain situations, be considered compliments. For example, once you purchase one Macintosh item such as an iPad or iPhone you then feel enticed to purchase a MacBook and Apple TV so that all your devices are compatible. Similar to marijuana being a gateway drug, the iPad is a gateway product to other Apple items.

Dave Tufte said...

Alexa: I'm not sure what you did to the background for your post, but you need to fix this. Also, you need to include your link within your post.

Alexa, I believe you mean that demand and supply are shifting to the right. I think you've given some reasons why demand might do so, but none as to why supply might.

I tend to agree with Zach. Tablets are really nice for doing something that isn't that serious: watching videos, playing music, taking pictures, and so on. Perhaps the "essential" part of the desktop computer is actually the large screen and large keyboard. So maybe the tower will go away, but not the rest of it.

Dave Tufte said...

Sorry: 100/100 for Alexa and 50/50 for Zach.

Dominick said...

I agree, in part, with both Zach and Alexa. PCs are constructed and personalized with a fairly large scope in mind. For example, some PCs are geared towards gamers, others to small business owners, or home use, for editing, etc; the list goes on. My understanding is that tablets could be construed as substitutes in some market segments, and as compliments in others. In my role as a student, I own both. My tablet and PC are complimentary insofar that the tablet is preferable for in-class use and reading, but it is a nightmare to use while writing papers and completing Aplia assignments. The article provides a good example of substitution when it highlights the Ultrabook (a PC which is geared towards entertainment such as videos, music, pictures, etc). Nevertheless, I think Dr. Tufte is correct that PC towers will soon be a part of the past.

Dave Tufte said...

Dominick: 50/50.

I continue to be surprised by the technology choices that end up being popular. Why are smartphones so popular, when most people don't use them for anything ... smart? Why do people choose to pull out a phone to text when their computer keyboard is right in front of them?

I wonder sometimes if we're just blinding ourselves to what is actually valuable to people. Perhaps we like smartphones ... because they reduce clutter we otherwise have difficulty controlling. Perhaps we text because what we really like it the shortness of the responses we get back?