Transformational Outsourcing?

For many years the word outsourcing has brought a sense of fear to employees in industrialized nations. Outsourcing has been a way for employers to decrease their labor costs by taking advantage of the low cost of employees in developing nations, and is often accompanied by many lost jobs of employees demanding higher pay. Transformational outsourcing may slowly take the place of traditional outsourcing.

Transformational outsourcing is helping executives realize that outsourcing should not be focusing solely on cheap wages, but recognizing that corporate growth is more essential. Executives are finding that although it is beneficial to a company to maintain cheaper labor costs, there are other benefits from outsourcing that can help to achieve this goal of corporate growth and continue to create more jobs within the U.S. as well. If companies become more aware of the potential offered by offshore talent and choose to take full advantage, they may find they will be able to improve quality, efficiency, productivity, and revenues. Successful companies of the future may find the idea of leveraging offshore talent essential, and in turn will create better jobs for everyone.


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Dr. Tufte said...

Kylie: I'd like to see that link cleaned up.

Oooh ... is there anything to this "transformational" outsourcing beyond adding a catchy managerial buzzword? I'm distinctly sensing that there isn't.

For my part, it seems to me that this is what good managers have always done. Do we really think they were bad managers before this?