Go Nissan!

In a rather short artical "Nissan to build factory in India" I was surprised to read that Nissan is doing so well. It wasn’t long ago early nineties I think when Nissan was going through some tuff times. Along came the Renault merger and within a few years Nissan’s back making high quality cars and expanding to emerging markets. Hurray for capitalism. Go Nissan! You never know maybe Ford and GM have a chance?


Dr. Tufte said...

-1 on Eric for spelling and grammatical errors.

I think this also speaks to the strength of economies around the world. The global economy has just completed its best 3-year stretch ever (bet you didn't hear that in the legacy media). That will take care of a lot of problems that might otherwise be intractible.

mason said...

Economies around the world are becoming stronger. I didn't know about the profitable 3-year stretch that just ended, but I can see the effects of it. Nissan is a good example of a company finding success elsewhere.
I am not familiar with Ford's status, but I know GM is finding a lot of success in Korea. GM took over the Daewoo plant after they went bankrupt. They rehired all the workers that were layed off, and have since quadrupled their sales. This shows that even though GM may be struggling here in America, they are thriving in other places. So GM has been a contribution to the global economical success.

micah said...

Nissan proved that they can compete with american cars in terms of sales and car performance. It continue to develop fresh car technologies which i think impresses the customers. I'm a nissan fan, i love nissan car performance a lot. My first nissan car was from my father, i had nissan exedy clutch kit and made a little tweaking and later it was a whole lot nissan experience.