Arms Deal

After listening to the U.S. ambassador to Beijing speak about the arms deal between the U.S. and Taiwan on world news, I felt kind of disspointed in the U.S. for commetting such an action. Are we that desperate for money that we have to go piss off our friends? In my eyes, it would be like China selling arms to Mexico. Wouldn't it piss off the NSA and other government agencys if a low level country like mexico received new weapons and advanced technology? Shouldn't we have let China determine if Taiwan was going to get new defense weapons and what kind? Why would we want to upset China? And, what are the repercussions we are going to face in the future if any?

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Whidbey said...

There are a few issues here. First of all, China claims Taiwan as part of itself, yet Taiwan is widely recognized as a sovereign entity. At the same time, the United States passed a bill in 1979 know as the Taiwan Relations Act, which explicitly states that we will provide “arms of defense” , helping to “…maintain peace, security, and stability in the Western Pacific, and to promote the foreign policy of the United States…” The comparison of China giving Mexico weapons is not the same; we don’t claim Mexico as the 51st state.

Taiwan Relations Act: http://china.usc.edu/ShowArticle.aspxarticleID=393&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

Tyler said...

That's a good point you make Whidbey. I didn't do my research on Taiwan I wasn't aware of the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979. When I mentioned Mexico I used it only because of the closeness to the states. I'm sure that most of Mexico would love to be our 51st state though. Anyways it seems to me China needs us as bad as we need them.