Great Scholar, Great Teacher

As I read an article about the enthusiastic and bright, David Colander, I gained an appreciation for his contributions. If I'm not mistaken, he was the author of my macroeconomic text book, spurring my interest in the article. While Colander is extremely bright, and could have any opportunity to write, research, or consult, etc, he seems to be most enthused about teaching his undergraduate students economics. You can tell that he wants his students to understand the material, allowing them to relate economic principles, to life situations. In reading about his passion, I thought of one of my former economic teachers who uprooted from his home country to teach economics at a small, rural college because he loved doing it, not because he had to. He used his knowledge in an attempt to help his students understand economics, and was able to explain concepts at a beginner's level, enabling us the opportunity to excel in the class if we wanted to. As I read about Colander, and thought about my former teacher, I thought about company leaders. CEOs and high up managers have the capacity to foster an environment in which their employees can feel empowered and significant, yet so many times managers are so engrained in their own success and potential for advancement and increased compensation that they fail to act in the best interest of their employees, and ultimately their company. I'm sure that Colander, and my former econ teacher are living fulfilling lives as they strive to enrich the lives of their students, and the same could be true for managers trying to empower their employees. Couldn't it ultimately end up in a manager's favor if their employees felt a better sense of moral, were able to improve productivity, and yielded a higher return for their company? I believe so!

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Dr. Tufte said...

Those are nice sentiments.

I use some of Colander's books, and I like them (Rhead Bowman first recommended them to me, and I recommended them to Kim Craft).

On the other hand, David Colander is married to a pediatrician. Perhaps the luxury of a high and secure standard of living helps make him the way he is.