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Although this post doesn’t qualify for the macro requirements, I think the class might find this one interesting. Cybertourists in Boston takes a look and critiques the bloggers who were given credentials to attend the Democrat National Convention. Unfortunately for those that attended they came up a little short in their writings. A case that I think members of the class including myself would admit to during the short time we’ve had to shine this semester. Just like anything that is still in the developing stages there’s always room for improvement. Hopefully with time the bloggers will show their true ability and gain respect deserving of their capabilities. They’ll get another chance at the Republican National Convention in a month.

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Dr. Tufte said...

I'm very dubious of the content of the article linked here. I have three reasons:

1) No one knows what the criteria were for bloggers to get credentials to get into the convention. Perhaps more interesting/volotile bloggers were locked out.
2) The linked article doesn't actually give many examples of why he thought blogger's posts were so vapid. This makes me wonder how many he read.
3) For better or worse, the Democratic party is currently the party that is better characterized as an alliance of smaller groups pushing very specific agendas. Bloggers tend to be the same way. This means there is the possibility that the issues the bloggers were interested in were not lining up with the people they were finding to report upon.

Having said that, there is also the issue that most blogging is junk. You don't do blog or read blogs because every post is stellar, you do it for the diamonds that you can find every day.