There is always work to be done

I just found this post and was impressed with its simple message: what we should be saying, is that we want more “opportunities for earning large and growing purchasing power.”  Like was pointed out, there are plenty of jobs to do, it is just a matter of what we are willing to do for a specific price. 


kamm said...

There will always be lots of jobs out there. Whether we find one or not depends on our willingness to search for a job and then accept one that meets our needs. One of the reasons there will always be jobs is because of the freedom that we have to start our own business. There are many sole proprietorships here in the U.S. and if you can't find a job you like, start your own business!! When people start there own business, they provide work, goods, and or services for others and we all benefit.

Senator Miller said...

I also enjoyed this blog quoted from the chairman of the economics department at George Mason University.

It's true that the number of jobs that are available is never the problem. It's the shortage of opportunities to acquire purchasing power that people are really seeking. There are lots of jobs that require extensive amounts of labor with little output of acquiring purchasing power. So, what could be purchasing power? A high hourly wage or salary I'd imagine would be some. I wonder what Cedar City could do to raise the "opportunity to acquire purchasing power" among the SUU students here? :)

Kid said...

One of the problems that seem to pledge the people of America is that we think we are worth more when it comes to cretin jobs. When people say they’ve applied everywhere they could that means they applied at the jobs they think they would want. Did they apply at McDonalds or Taco Bell? Mostly likely not would be my guess because most people picture high school kids working at those places. So if there aren’t any jobs available maybe applications and resumes are being taken to all the wrong place. They may not be what we want but what about working there until we find the job we do want?

Anonymous said...

I fell furtunate that our nation is how it is. In some countries they take there manual labor force for granted, and pay them very low wadges to do things, like laying a cobblestone road, and if they refuse to do the work for that price they'll just find someone else. So this forces people to work for less. I like the fact that we have a say in what we fill our labor is worth, and we can pick and choose were we want to work.

Dr. Tufte said...

Spelling mistakes in Kid's comment.

The post and comments are fine.

Kid's point is why macroeconomists have such a hard time understanding whether unemployment is something we should worry a lot about. The reason is that it isn't always clear that people are not unemployed due to their own problems.