First Post

This is the weblog that will be used for Dr. Tufte's ECON 2010 (Principles of Microeconomics) in summer 2004.

Every student will be graded on their participation in this weblog. To achieve a C grade on this component of your class you must: 1) make one new post linking to something interesting and related to this class that you found online, and 2) make one comment on a post made by another student. Higher grades can be achieved by making more posts or more comments.

Your posts and comments should use the same name so that I can identify that they go together. This name can but does not have to be your real name (it can be a pseudonym or other username). Please include this name in every post you make, or you will not receive a grade for it.

Posts and comments are graded on a plus/minus basis. I will not judge you on your opinions, but rather on whether what you write is related to what you learn about in class. This is a writing exercise, so I will grade on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and so on.

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